Angel of Grace acrylic painting

As I said before, I love to paint angels. They can have androgynous traits, in most cases in my paintings, they can be little kids, painted in naive style.
Anyway I choose to paint them, the process is influenced by my mood. And the unfolding of the creative process gives me spiritual experiences 🙂

This is the Angel of Grace. He is the one who surrounds us with his wings when we pray and ask for forgiveness for the less good things we do..
The angel has a tulip in his hand. Tulips represent the constantness and permanence of feelings despite the various obstacles encountered.


For Christians the tulip symbolize vanity. With tremendous beauty, tulips can also symbolize self-indulgence, ignorance of reality, illusion, stubbornness. Divine grace can correct these things as long as we recognize them and ask for forgiveness because we used them

Christmas Angel , a mixed media painting- the painting was sold many years ago .


I hope you can connect spiritually with angel of grace and maybe you will feel his wings embracing you with love 🙂

Love life!


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Spinning wool, acrylic whimsical painting

The realistic dimension in which we live makes me sometimes live internal flights of my being. Flights in which I sometimes reach the sky with the thoughts, with the dreams.
This is seen in my last painting executed on canvas; an angel (earthly), a feminine being loaded with all the attributes of femininity, spinning wool from a cloud. It is the inner expression of the personal liberty, inner freedom, of every woman who, beyond her natural and commonplace position in the world, lives in a fantastic world where everything is possible … even spinning wool from a fluffy cloud 🙂


I love the message of this painting. It represents and motivates me.

Even if it is my work, still attracts me through the colors of the painting and the expression of the winged being.

Until next time I wish you beautiful and creative days.


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EmmiLou – an adorable little doll :)

UPDATE: EmmiLow has a new home 🙂

It’s great to create dolls! 🙂

At that time I return to my childhood, the world where everything was calmer, more settled and more clearly ….

When I create a doll I am doing it with all my being; The time and space do not seem to exist anymore….. Just me and the doll .

So I’ve created EmmiLou, a doll about 9.8 inch, wearing a bunny in her pocket :). .



Her hair is wool,the  eyes are painted with acrylics, the mouth and nose are sewn

EmmiLou doll  has a friendly appearance and the name is friendly too….she is ready to make new friends who adore her :).

I recommend it for children over 3 years.

If you are interested in this little doll you can contact me here

See you soon!



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The Messenger, angel of our intuition painting

With his head slightly tilted on one side, he thinks and looks at the white bird that rests on his long, thin fingers. His androgynous features are covered by the seriousness with which he knows his role for thousands of years.  Each of us has one that tries to guide us, prevent us and guard us from the difficult attempts in which, whether we are aware or not, we enter. Often, we do not feel him; sometimes through the voice of intuition we receive messages from him. Sometimes , a wing flap touches our face like a spring breeze .It is him, the Messenger, angel of our intuition. The one who sends us, out of our shadow filled with the darkness of passions and vices, a ray of white light like a dove with white wings stretched out in flight…


The Messenger – this is an original mixed media acrylic painting that I painted on stretched canvas.

I really love this painting..

Have a creative life! 🙂



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Remembering Autumn

via Remembering Autumn

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Remembering autumn, acrylic collage painting

Autumn has came. Every time I have nostalgia in different colors. Some are in warm colors, golden, others have sunsets with shades of darkness, shadows. This nostalgia will pass as it passes every year. And like in every year I remember some verses in a poem  I wrote about eleven years ago: “It’s autumn again in my being/ But long time it will not be/ because time wants me to be snowflake/ And not just a rusty leaf”.

In the context of this autumnal state of mind I painted “Remembering Autumn”, acrylic collage painting.

It is available on my shop:


Love life!:)

See you soon,


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Ancient orthodox icons

After a very  hot summer in which I realized that agriculture is not the only option for me I decided to go back to my studio.

I was deeply missed by my brushes, the easel and all the creative and intimate atmosphere that  protects me against the negative vibrations that are felt from the outside of this personal sanctuary.

So I transposed into the wonderful world of naive painting and painted these two icons after the ancient ancient sources.

“Virgin Mary and the Child”


They have the dimensions of 7 x 9 inches and are painted on wood.

I used acrylics to paint them and lots of lots and emotions 🙂



I hope you like them 🙂

Have a creative week!



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Lily, the vintage doll


Lily is a new doll that I finished it two days ago and am very excited of result 🙂
Lily does not have the look of a modern cloth dolls, I tried to respect her vintage  features as much as I could .


I enjoy her  primitive  look and try nostalgia whenever a look at it:)

It was  created from fabric, filled with polyester and the eyes and mouth are from felt.

Her red hair is made from the finest mohair I’ve ever had in my arsenal working.

Like other dolls created by me, Lily is unique and her presence in my the studio makes me dream about my childhood and remember about the years when I was a happy child who loved to play in the grandparents` yard…

I hope to find the person who will love her and take care about her 🙂

See you soon!


Have a wonderful creative day !


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LOUELLA – papusa ca obiect de arta ( art doll)

Dintre toate indeletnicirile textile cu care imi ocup  parte de timp, crearea de papusi este cea mai placuta, cea mai creativa.

Aici vorbesc insa de crearea de papusi pentru décor, pentru colectionari,asa numitele “art doll” , in engleza.

Exista o diferenta majora intre papusile textile destinate copiilor si cele care se incadreaza in notiunea de arta. Papusile de plus destinate copiilor sunt soft, adica moi, realizate intodeauna din materiale sigure care nu pun in pericol viata copilului.

Adica, o papusa textila, pentru copii , nu are voie sa contina nasturi pentru ochi sau vopsea acrilica, charm-uri (obiecte foarte mici, metalice , pentru decorare,paiete, margelute,) etc.

O “art doll” in schimb , poate fi confectionata din orice ( chiar orice daca ma gandesc la tot felul de obiecte ce se gasesc prin casa ) ideea de baza fiind, ca la final rezultatul sa fie considerat obiect cu valoare decorative si artistica.

De obicei, confectionez si papusi pentru copii dar o “art doll” imi stimuleaza creativitatea in permanenta :).

Asa s-a nascut Louella, o papusa creata in stil vintage, o papusa foarte flexibila in orice pozitie ai aseza-o mai putin in picioare. Scopul ei este pur decorativ, de colectie iar eu o ador :).



loul 1IMG_2264

Fatza ei este desenata si pictata manual, cu lacuri speciale si vopsele acrilice. Hainele sunt de inspiratie vintage iar parul I l-am facut din lana pura, cu codite impletite. Pantofii, de asemenea sunt vopsiti.

Este o papusa cu personalitate iar eu o ador, asa cum spuneam mai sus 🙂

In curand , urmeaza o surata ai ei pe care o va chema Emily ….

Va doresc o zi creativa 🙂

Pe curand!

PS O “art doll” este un cadou deosebit pentru o persoana feminina care iubeste papusile, cu atat mai mult cu cat fiecare papusa se poate personalize cu preferintele celui ce si-o doreste. O “art doll” poarta intodeauna un simbolism, ceea ce o face unica si nepretuita 🙂

Pentru comenzi ma puteti contacta aici.

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Quilted purse


I really like to have a lot of diversified activities. I could stay for hours in the studio if I wouldn’t have family obligations :). Back to diversify when I am not feel like painting – because it happens – I start to sew little useful and / or decorative things .

That’s how I created this little girl purse, made of solid cotton, it’s a quilted purse with a textile application, a heart.


This is a baby blanket that I made it few years ago and it was sold. Is a quilt with geometric simple, traditional pattern where colors have great importance how they are arranged.

lavanda- patchwork


And this is another baby blanket, made for my daughter some years ago. I used a simple traditional pattern with specific colors for little girls.


Have a creative week ! 🙂



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